Random Silly Thoughts . . .

Another way of art journaling. I like to do backgrounds and have them at the ready – sometimes I do collages, sometimes collages with paint, sometimes just very basic backgrounds. That way, I can travel with my art journal and just carry a few pens with me to complete a page, if I wanna go sit somewhere and satisfy that jones I’m havin’ for a grande-sugar-free-hazelnut-soy-latté.

I’m also fine with just throwing down a silly thought on a background – this rose background triggered this silly thought. I didn’t edit my silly thought – I just threw it down. Art journaling can be way fun – and there’s a freedom you get in the process . . . especially when you don’t try and judge everything you are putting down on paper!

this background was done first - then it prompted this random thought


another background under construction . . .

this is a piece in progress -


4 thoughts on “Random Silly Thoughts . . .

    • Thanks so much! I’m really glad to hear that. It is a great process, making an art journal. I usually have several going at a time – I keep a couple of small ones, and one larger one, and then some pages and backgrounds in progress. You’ll find that you do that sort of thing, too, once you get into this! Art journals are fun and low pressure – they can be long-winded or short – and you can use clippings, trash, or make your own art from scratch! Use paints, pens, pencil and paper, whatever. You can buy a wirebound journal, or just use papers and put them together with loops or brads or ties when you are ready to bind them together. Thanks for your note 🙂

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