Art Journaling during Irene

I’m at a Starbucks right now, with a power strip, charging up everything! I’ve been doing a lot of art with the daylight hours, as our power’s been down since mid-day Saturday, and they say they expect it to be down for 10 more days. We are hoping they are wrong! Anyway! I’m posting a couple of images while I can, I took these with my iPhone, and will scan images when I get power back, so you can get a better look at the artwork. Two things I’m working on, are making a journal from Kleenex boxes, (the designs are so fun, and the chipboard is easy to gesso and decorate), and doing some more of my detailed “paisley flower” pages. Working with daylight and a tiny book light and an iPhone, so forgive the pix quality here!

Focusing on the repurposed tissue boxes here – just cut them apart into like-size panels (I used the smaller square-ish) ones here, and then bound them together with white duct tape. I’m in the process of painting the pages with gesso, and then I’ll get to journaling in it! Keeping this short, as we are about to vacate our Sbux space so others can use it!



2 thoughts on “Art Journaling during Irene

    • Hi, Deana,

      Thanks so much! I’m also making pages from those little cardboard thingies which protect your hands from the hotness of Starbucks 🙂 Our power is still down today, Tuesday the 30th, and has been since mid-day Saturday; the trains are not running at all from here or Richmond. Hundreds of thousands still have power out – people around here are making fun of the national media for acting like it was barely anything – you should see the downed trees around here! Anyway, we are healthy and safe, so all good that matters!

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