Baking Fail

I’m a good cook, but a terrible baker. Baking is so scientific, and with cooking, you can be sorta loosey goosey and throw things in last minute. Not so with baking . . . you have to be v. precise with the measurements of everything and know if you use self-rising or all-purpose (which SHOULD include self-rising, when you think about it!) flour, and pay close attention to sifting. MEH.

Here’s me baking.


4 thoughts on “Baking Fail

  1. My son’s a pastry chef. He doesn’t measure anything. I watch him dump stuff into hobarts, bake it and it comes out better than when I follow the recipe. He thinks recipes have taken the creativity out of baking.

    • Pastry chefs AMAZE me. I’m a terrible baker. I’m in awe that anyone can wing it! I am a good cook, though. It’s all creative, making food art, I think! I do make a mean chocolate-chip-pumpkin-muffin and I regularly make buttermilk cornbread . . . that’s my whole baking repertoire. sad but true!

      • A good muffin and cornbread is probably all you need to be honest. I can make a a skillet cornbread, white bread and cake from a box fairly well. I suppose it’s all relative, my son can’t draw to save his life.

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