Psych Book Drawings, Day Four

Thought note: I doodle paisleys all the time, and this one I did on the psych book page – this would make good jeggings 🙂

Tech note: Copic Sketch pen, Faber-Castell brush pen, and EBONY pencil by Sanford Design (very black graphite – blacker blacks than the usual #2 pencils) . . . love these pencils, and have for eons. I even bought a pencil extender to get every last drop of graphite out of these . . . this pencil is about an 2 inches long now, haha!


6 thoughts on “Psych Book Drawings, Day Four

  1. May I add to your wallpaper?
    I would like to add: I personally hope this is a time to heal, to see, to love and especially a time of lasting peace.
    PM Rabin has it right except for this missing gem – ‘It is time now to lie down in defeat or dance to your heart’s content’
    (from the title page of my book – I love his quote too)

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