Sunday Doodle

So, we recently moved to a new neighborhood in DC, and our apartment is still full of boxes – to walk down the hall? More like spelunking. But, I’m thrilled to be in our new home. That said, there is endless work left to do. Which I took a break from yesterday. I sat on our bed, watched some really scary shows on Hulu (Paranormal Witness, My Ghost Story, Real Housewives of New Jersey) . . . had a nice glass (or two, who’s counting?) of pinot noir, and I doodled. Here’s yesterday’s doodle. I’ll post today’s FOG OF WORRY in a bit. Happy Monday (I know it is, because the crosswalk lady always sez that to me.)


4 thoughts on “Sunday Doodle

  1. What you call a “doodle” is practically museum-worthy to me! BTW, I only met Nafeesa once, but that totally looks like her. 🙂

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