FOG OF WORRY: Most. Interesting. Date.

Happy Tuesday before Thanksgiving! I’m just sitting here battling with technology. Which, I LOVE. So, it’s worth it. But, geez. My sweet little MacBook has given up the ghost – for the time being, anyway. So, until the resurrection of said machine, I’m borrowing my son’s computer. Which won’t speak to my scannerS. Big “s” because I have two scanners, 3 computers, two thumb-drives, a coupla dozen USB cables, and an iPad (borrowed from my hubby) . . . but have not yet figured out how to scan a new image to post today. Nothing wants to talk to anything, or recognize anything. MAJOR BLOCKAGE. (Sorta like my election season Facebook “friends.” Bah-dah-bing!!) So, this is a cartoon I posted a few months ago. Hope it makes you laugh again. I will work hard to get my machines to speak to each other so that tomorrow will be a fresh comic! After I buy some cornish game hens, that is!!


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