Jesus Didn't Say - corrected

Corrected that typo . . . !! Click on the title of today’s post to see the corrected version . . .



    • Disagree..Jesus teachings shouldnt be read like simple/individual soundbites..
      Jesus/scripture also calls us to be wise with what we have and how we use it & there are specific scriptures which also warn us to not partake in evil works of others.
      What if the poor intend to use the money to buy weapons to kill their neighbors/steal from their neighbors….we should contribute to this,,no questions asked ?
      What if you are giving to support someones drug habit/destructive behavior we enable them in this ?
      What if the money will be used to propergate false religions/cults…we still give ?
      Point is we need to look at all his teaching…..& use our God given resources wisely and for the greatest benefit if we`re able.

      • I disagree with your assessment of the meaning of the cartoon, Rick. If you don’t get it, that’s fine – I’m not in the biz of explaining my cartoons too much, humor being so subjective. I’m not saying stewardship isn’t a consideration . . . but the cartoon is HUMOR about stuff “I bet Jesus didn’t say.” Jesus didn’t give us a list of requirements for the hungry to fulfill, before we feed them. He said “feed the hungry.” Boom, baby. Conjecture is fine in the context of “I bet” and a cartoon . . . think about it . . .

    • Thanks, Judith! Much appreciated! My thoughts exactly! I have heard one too many people comment on criteria for giving . . . and I can’t find anywhere Jesus handed us a litmus test for it. I appreciate you (and am a bit humbled by your) reading and commenting on my work.

    • Love to you, Edith!! I “approve” all the comments before they post, so that’s why you didn’t see it immediately – thank you so much! So glad you like the cartoon. It means a lot to me to have someone whose creative achievements are downright mind-boggling comment on my work 🙂 . . . especially when it’s you. I’ve been thinking a lot about Jesus in the current political and religious climate . . . have a stack of cartoon ideas waiting to be inked. Love and miss u mucho! peace, t

  1. Sorry LaughingRedhead, cartoons fine..I realise its lighthearted…, I should of clarified. Was more a response to Judiths comment..”Jesus didn’t say give to the poor if they spend your money on the “right things.” He just said to give”…than the actual cartoon.
    All I wanted to point out was that I do think scripture qualifies some aspects of giving 😉

  2. Rick, I hear ya. I was in the mindset of having read a lot of people responding to my cartoon on Facebook by quoting 2 Thessalonians. Which says, basically, you don’t work, you don’t eat. And I’m tired of having the same conversation over and over with people who PRESUME that a lack of money means someone ISN’T WORKING. I have a friend with 3 jobs who barely makes ends meet. People are so judgmental about others’ circumstances sometimes. And, to see 2 Thess. thrown out toward a cartoon which says “Things I Bet Jesus Didn’t Say” is kinda funny, too, considering Paul said it, hee heeee. 🙂
    It’s just yucky to hear people who claim to follow Jesus say mean things about those in need – this election season was brutal and sad . . . . thanks for clarifying, Rick!

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