A self-portrait. 🙂

BTW, following me on Twitter is a really good idea, if you are interested in the art processes here and at my Etsy shop . . . links to both are in the right-hand column ON MY HOME PAGE here. I like to post often, photos of pieces in progress, as well as notes on materials, etc. ALSO, ON TWITTER, I post a LOT of smart-alecky thoughts which never make it onto a page or into a cartoon. (See below for how my mind generally works . . . )

This piece is a stream-of-consciousness real-time (as if you couldn’t tell) thingie. Sometimes I just need to encourage myself . . . and I figure I might as well encourage y’all at the same time. I have tons of actor, comic, writer, screenwriter, director, artist, musician friends . . . creative friends of every kind. Sometimes it gets hard, and some get lost along the way – so here’s to us all, the success is in the HANGING IN THERE! peace, trl

Reasons I Still Freelance


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