And now to the Con!! I’m so dang excited to find out (just last night, doh!) that there will be a panel of . . . YAY-ISS!!! THE WALKING DEAD!! And my friend (well, not to name drop, but we had sushi ’til 4 a.m. once in LA together, so I hope she remembers me) the VERY TALENTED AND LOVELY YVETTE NICOLE BROWN will be moderating that panel – she’s a regular on COMMUNITY and a great guest on TALKING DEAD!! And, umm, hello, Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus and . . . and . . . anyway, I’m excited.

BUT the main reason I’m going isn’t to stalk the “Walk”ers, it’s to show my wares. So, COME VISIT ME in the SMALL PRESS SECTION, BOOTH #1162, with the amazing CURLS STUDIO, and I’m listed with them – LAUGHING REDHEAD STUDIO! New logo, new banner, new focus on my spooky art. The pen-and-inky ghosty stuff. I’ll also have my THE OLDER I GET, THE LESS I CARE books for sale, as well as my character minis – small originals for sale!

And, I’ll be laughing out loud a lot, as is my wont. (Just ask those stern Licensing show ladies who had a booth next to me) . . .

Here’s my new logo, blue-line and all! – my banner is BLACK &WHITE &GREY . . .

I hope to see you there!!

LRS New Logo


(Okay, so I confess I’ve been outta touch the last week. But I’m kinda thrifty, and I was on a Premier Cruise doing comedy! And swimming in my clothes! So, I took the opportunity to unplug. Which isn’t great timing, since I will be doing a booth at New York Comic Con starting tomorrow! But, was I gonna pass up the opp to do comedy on the high seas, and hang out with many fun women and stare at the stars over the Caribbean? Umm, noooooooo.)


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