Laughing Redhead: last night’s sketch

Bistro sketchLast night went to Bistro d’Oc in DC after seeing “For No Good Reason” with some cartoonist friends at E Street Cinema. It’s the movie where Johnny Depp interviews artist Ralph Steadman (and they wax nostalgic about hanging with Hunter Thompson.) Anyway, did this at the bar with a Pentel brush pen, then filled it in when I got home, with a Pentel Hybrid Technica and Derwent INK BLACK water soluble pencil. Did this on Canson Illustration paper, cut down and put into a sketchbook, held together with binder rings. This way I can carry all kinds of paper with me in one place, for urban sketching, and random sketching of bat-angels.

In other interesting info, Bistro d’Oc was owned by my husband’s family in the 1880s, when it was the Logan Cafe and Boarding House. We have photos of the family there, and original menus and business cards. It shares a wall with the Andersen home, where Lincoln passed . . . and is directly across from Ford’s Theatre. Had a good Sauvignon Blanc, too 🙂



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