MICAH six eight: 3×5 Challenge

Micah 6-8 painted

You know that 3×5 Challenge going ’round? Where you post 3 pieces of art 5  days in a row? Here were two of mine yesterday. I love this Bible verse, and I think I’ve done about 5 art pieces of it so far (maybe more). these are art marker (Faber-Castell Artist Pens) and gouache and watercolor on Moleskine watercolor paper. Anyway, enjoy! I’m working on new ink pieces, and Magic Bullet 10 comes out soon! Be sure to follow DC Conspiracy on Twitter @MagicBulletDC; it’s awesome comics by DC area cartoonists! Check it out! Meanwhile, I’m trying to live by Micah six eight. But I think it’s hard to claim the humble part if you have a blog, and Twitter account, and . . .  and a  PLEASE Like ME PAGE . . . oh what a tangled web . . . I’m trying, anyhow. 🙂 peace, trl


6 thoughts on “MICAH six eight: 3×5 Challenge

    • Thanks, Jinny! I’m kind of obsessed with this Bible verse. I just started a FAITH board on my PINTEREST, featuring art journaling scripture, thoughts on faith, song lyrics relating to faith, etc. I’ve done about 5 so far, have two big ones in the works – all MICAH SIX EIGHT. I so appreciate your comment!! ❤ to u grrrrrrl.
      🙂 trl

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