Post-Show Pie Chart

Performance pie chart


4 thoughts on “Post-Show Pie Chart

  1. Ms. T,
    If I lived in D.C., I would never get any work done because I would always want to run over to your house and just listen to you develop your act and just sit and watch you create your wonderful art pieces. Sigh.

  2. Hey T.
    Great to talk to you in DC at the Reubens. I really like your stuff and your irreverent everything. I think we did meet at a previous cartooning event but I was probably under the influence of bad chemicals or age or a zombie bite. I always blame those. Congrats on your book deal too!

    • Brian, thanks so much! Great talking with you, too! I’m purty jazzed about the upcoming book, woohoo!! I should be drawing it right now, but I’m taking a Diet Coke break. Nutrasweet is my excuse for not remembering names – I’m good at faces, though! I think . . .

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