Who the heck is The Laughing Redhead?

The Laughing Redhead is me, t.r. logan, aka Teresa Roberts Logan.

I’ve made my living with humor for several decades, on page and on stage. Here are some deets:

I write and draw humor for publication, for standup comedy, for storytelling, for my cartoons . . . as well as spooky stuff, and provide content for publishing, animation, books, and product. I also love talking about the process with other artists and writers. In seemingly unrelated news, I also obsessively draw paisley designs.

My latest books are Posh Coloring Book: Paisleys for Fun & Relaxation, and Posh Coloring Book: Mandalas for Meditation & Relaxation, both from my amazing publisher, Andrews McMeel Publishing, and both released in 2016! You can see these at my Amazon Author page, or just ask at your local bookstore, please! Here’s the Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/author/laughingredhead

As a professional artist and illustrator, I have done thousands of paintings and drawings (collectors include Sherri Shepherd, Kyoko Cox, Whoopi Goldberg); I’ve also done kabillions (math!) of cartoons and jokes for products such as animations, cocktail napkins, partyware, tissues, and greeting cards. I was nominated for a Reuben Award by the National Cartoonists Society for my greeting cards; I spend most of my days (read: nights) putting humor and spooky stuff on the page, in script or cartoon form. Currently I’m working on my graphic novel, HAINT BLUE, (an autobiographical supernatural story), some horror short stories, and my web comic, FOG OF WORRY. I’m proud to be a regular contributor to MAGIC BULLET, DC’s acclaimed FREE all-comics newspaper, created, published, and distributed nationally by Washington, DC area artists/writers, and I’m a contributing writer to the award-winning King Features Syndicate comic strip DUSTIN (in over 300 newspapers). I am also a contributor to THE CARTOON CRIER, a nationally distributed  all-comics newspaper about responses to grief, juried and published by the Center for Cartoon Studies. This month I’m finishing up my Graphic Memoir comic, PURTY FUNNY, slated to debut in DIRTY DIAMONDS: AN ALL-GIRL COMICS ANTHOLOGY at SPX in Baltimore this fall! In case I forget to update this, that refers to September 2015. I also just signed with my publisher (Andrews McMeel) to do an extra-special other publication of my work, releasing in March 2016. But you will have to wait for the details on that one 🙂 And speaking of Small Press Expo (SPX), I’m a regular artist and guest at ComicCons such as New York ComicCon, CreativeCon Panama City, AwesomeCon DC, and have been invited to be a presenter at Dubai ComicCon!

Books which contain my funny stuff (cartoons and columns): “The Older I Get, The Less I Care” (Andrews McMeel Publishing), “Laughing Out Loud” (Hallmark Gift Books), “Humor for a Sister’s Heart” (Howard Publishing), “Mug of Woe,” “All Woe Great and Small,” “Woe of Dating,” (just released) “Wreck the Halls,” (Mug of Woe Publishing).

I’ve done a lot of standup comedy and storytelling, through such venues as: HBO, Comedy Channel, A&E, Catch A Rising Star, Gotham Comedy Club, The Metropolitan Room NYC, Zanies, and Comedy Works . . . and have been an opening act for Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Nealon, Dana Carvey, Drew Carey, and Paula Poundstone, as well as many other famous and not–so-famous funny people. Rich Jeni called me “the Meryl Streep of comedy” and I thought that was so cool that he loved my dialects and accents so much. But one day, when he found out that’s what I thought, he laughed really hard and told me, “No, I meant you have the same NOSE!

Okay, enough.

Did you really read this far? You are AWESOME.

To contact me for WRITING, STORYTELLING, or ARTs events such as COMICCON panels, please email me directly at LaughingRedhead@mac.com, visit my Facebook page (Laughing Redhead Studio), or Tweet me (@LaughingRedhead).

For COMEDY giggin’ only, please call my bookings manager Donna East at 646.245.0080.


This is my hair, and it is now partially white.



21 thoughts on “Who the heck is The Laughing Redhead?

  1. T,
    I’m pretending that I know you well. How come I’m only the third person to click like on this page? Your work (including your “About” page) is way better than three.
    Ps- Nobody calls me M.

  2. Luuuuuurve your stuff and read your posts every day, LRH (how’s that for presumptuousness? A whole new initial-based nickname). Found you through your gravatar on someone else’s site, but you’re now on my community board and I’d really like to feature some of your work on my blog in the future with links back to your site. My audience (ha! check me out with my delusions of grandeur – what I mean by that is, the few dozen kind people who swing by my blog occasionally, plus my mum) would love it as much as I do. You should have a LOT more people appreciating your stuff.

  3. Thanks sooooooo much!! I thought I posted a reply to you EONS ago, but I don’t see it here!! So anyway, THANKS. I love that you want to help me get my work out there – and so glad you like my gravatar! I want to be able to say “my audience” with confidence, toooooo!

  4. Hey Theresa! I’m delivering not one, but two of your birthday cards tonight! Thinking of you and Tom, drawing cartoons of people’s dogs in Sierra Madre: “Does your dog have any hobbies?” You and your art rock!

  5. Hi I’m a webcomic cartoonist for PsychoticParrotPress.com and I am trying to find somebody to split table space and badge cost with for awesome con 2014. Would you be interested?

    Chris Elliott

    Sent from my iPhone

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  8. I like that you listed some of your art collectors, although I would have probably added me. In SE Oklahoma… I’m kind of a big deal.

  9. “Kabillions” – I knew You were Rich – Since I even bought TWO Copies of “The older I Get …” (One was a Xmas Present) – “the same Nose as Meryl Streep” I’ll have to Check lol lol lol And I will be a Favorite Customer of Yours for at least a Kabillion Years !!!!!!!!! Frederick

  10. I first saw your Pinterest posts and now am a devoted fan! You have such a vast amount of interests and pins that I find SO interesting. My son is a graphic designer, as well as a sharp dresser, and I keep telling him and showing him your pins! You have my attentio!

    • Sandra, how am i just now seeing your note? All apologies! Thanks so much for your kind words! And, yes, I LOVE PINTEREST! Thanks so much – I’m flattered and gratified that you share these with your designer son! Yes, I have a lot of interests, and I love organizing visual research, digitally, and on paper. Also, thanks for watching this space. This year has slowed me down on my posts, and I’m getting back in the swing – and I so appreciate your support! See you on Pinterest soon! peace, trl

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